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  • Fire and Smoke Protection with Life Safety Dampers

    This course provides an overview of life safety dampers: fire, smoke, and combination fire and smoke dampers with a focus on different styles and types. It focuses on their uses and benefits and has a discussion on proper installation practices and guidelines.

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  • Louvers for Style and Aesthetics

    Louvers are an essential part of every HVAC system, facilitating appropriate airflow and inhibiting unwanted penetration by water, snow, or debris through wall openings and into HVAC ductwork. However, they can have other purposes. Their simple design makes them a versatile addition and a unique style option to any project. This course presents the types, components, and applications of louvers, along with the primary specification considerations when selecting a louver solution.

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  • An Introduction to Air Control Dampers

    Air control dampers are an essential component of a building’s HVAC system, regulating heating, cooling, and ventilation performance. Presented here is an introduction to control, balancing, backdraft, industrial, and multizone dampers; each type playing an important role in the HVAC system. Discussed are damper types, components, and performance metrics. Guidance is provided for damper specification, installation, and maintenance and inspection.

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